Dear Living Springs Lutheran Church CDC Staff,

It is my hope you and your families all are doing well and are finding a path through these surreal times.  Please know that I, the CDC Board, fellow family staff members, children, and families miss you during this uncertain period in our lives as we hear daily reports of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.  As we are taking it day by day and following our government’s directive to remain at home, we are prayerful these actions will help flatten the curve and keep our health systems from being overwhelmed.

I know that many of you have questions about how the next few weeks will progress, and I hope the following helps to answer any questions you may have.

  • After much thought and prayerful consideration, the CDC Board determined that the Center will remain closed through April 30th, although we will continue to re-evaluate to determine if an earlier re-opening date is feasible. 
  • We are currently paying our dedicated staff at full salary. This ensures our wonderful caregivers will be ready to return when we reopen.
  • Beginning the middle of next week, staff will post lessons/focus points so that families and staff can stay connected; posting a weekly chapel (one already posted this week) and music time is also being planned. 
  • Additional information will be forthcoming about how our LSLC-CDC staff and families can stay connected until we are together again.

What does this mean for you, our Staff Family?

As the LSLC-CDC board and families have remained dedicated to you, we will remain dedicated to sharing our ministry with them and continuing to stay in contact as much as is possible given the new situation.

As we continue to stay in touch over the next few days, I will be sending out a schedule for staff to come together in small groups or by classroom assignments to begin recording lessons, read stories, share songs, participate in music and or chapel times. As you continue to be a part of the LSLC-CDC team, please continue to work on lesson plans and ideas to share with your students and families, it is vital that we ALL remain connected to our families and children. As you well know, children aren’t able to process the “why” of what is happening. All they do know is that they: can’t go to school, they aren’t able to play with, or see their friends, they don’t know where their teachers are and most likely think things (teachers, school etc..) are simply “gone” because they can’t see them. With this in mind, I ask you to include some ideas that you are doing at home to stay healthy and have fun. Are you learning a new hobby? Have you revisited something you used to enjoy? Are you trying new recipes? Are you cooking your favorite comfort foods? Are you spending time with pets (you could add it to the video or post photos), are you reading a new book or an old favorite? What is a favorite game, movie or childhood memory that you could share?

Although things look very different than they ever have in the past, this is a welcome opportunity for us to come together and support one another as a LSLC-CDC family. Let us embrace this moment of connection, make new memories, remember old ones, continue to create safe spaces, giving children, families and fellow staff a soft place to land if they are feeling uneasy, and build on our relationships. This may feel stormy at the moment, and that’s ok, but do KNOW that we are NOT ALONE. God has placed each and every one of us here, at THIS moment for a reason.

To Do.

To Nurture.

 To Be.

To Teach.

 To Create.

To Build.

To Share.

To Sit.

To Laugh.

To Sing.

To Listen.

To Continue.

To Uplift.

To Endure.

To Love.

Many of you have reached out to check-in, please feel free to continue to reach out via Remind or email with prayer requests, concerns or any needs that you, or others you know of may have.

I have also included the link to our Living Springs Lutheran Church Website, YouTube and Facebook pages:

Website: http://livingspringscolumbia.org/

March Journal: http://livingspringscolumbia.org/2020/03/01/march-2020-journal/

LSLC YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4a1D56ol8Z7QSkKn5H4xbg

LSLC Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/livingspringscolumbia/

Please join us for daily devotions, services, post photos, updates, and stay connected with the daily ministry.

Although things may not look the same, we are still here for you. The love, dedication, and ministry that defines LSLC-CDC continues to shine in each of you, we look forward to seeing you!  Continued prayers for health and safety.

Wishing you well, Tammy