Staff updates 4/03/2020


            Dear Staff,

I hope this finds you doing well, staying healthy, and safe. If you find yourself or others you know in need of prayer, resources, or any other needs please let me know and we will find a way to help. I realize the following note is lengthy, but without having direct contact with everyone, it’s the easiest way to communicate 😉

What is this about?

  • LSLC-CDC Board Update
  • Expectations of working virtually
  • Dress Cose
  • Lesson Plans
  • Chapel assistant day/time schedule (I will email if Pastor needs to change dates/times, as his schedule is fluid with these changes).
  • Email List for all staff
  • Technology Info
  • Family engagement
  • Training
  • Use of time- How to log what you are doing (if anyone would like to create a timesheet or log for staff to use, that would be GREAT!)
  • Weekly Schedule of activites
  • Staff Morning Meeting- we will plan to meet as a staff every morning at 8:30
  • Staff Afternoon Check-in- we will plan to have a daily wrap up every afternoon at 3:30

The LSLC-CDC Board met last night, and I would like to fill you in on what has been talked about and decided thus far. As you know, things are changing frequently with this situation, but we remain committed to doing what is best for our families and staff, for the time being, that means remaining closed until April 30th. There was a unanimous decision by the LSLC-CDC Board to continue functioning as CDC, with employees being paid; although our teaching and lessons will look a little different.

What does this mean for CDC staff?

  1. Dress Code: Please be mindful that you are still working, so any videos, chapel time, zoom meetings, etc, dress code should be followed.
  2. Lesson Plans: Continue to create lesson plans throughout this process, they will be collected when we return. You will be asked to continue to interact with your children and families, as engagement is vital to this process.
  3. Chapel: If you have not been involved in one of the two chapel lessons thus far, I will be assigning you to a Wednesday morning. We want to be certain that the children and families have the opportunity to see different faces each week 😉
  4. Email Addresses:  As you know, I have all staff connected with a work email address. This will be one way of keeping in communication with one another, touching base with families, keeping track of what each staff member is doing to remain involved with their children and families and supplying London with information to post to our YouTube channel.
Admin: Tammy Mancuso
Admin: Cindy Day
Ocean Room Lead: Karin Reed
Backyard Buddies Lead: Asia Samuels
Farm Friends Co: Tanyua Anderson
Ocean Room Co: London Mancuso
Mother Goose Support: Sara Peake
Jumping Jungle Support Staff: Dinna Brown
Farm Friends Lead: Daneequa Felder
Backyard Buddies Co: Alston Chelsie
Jumping Jungle Lead: April Britton
Rain Forest Lead: Jory Cornett
Jumping Jungle Co: Angela Lewis
Chapel Leader/Mother Goose&Ocean Support Staff: Adriana McMurphy
Forest Friends Lead: Britany Miller
Forest Friends/Backyard Buddies Support Staff: Brittany Meyers
Mother Goose Lead: Shanice Steed
  • Technology: Be CERTAIN that you are signed up for Remind, have access to your work email and are able to connect to YouTube, Zoom and/or other platforms (I will let you know what those are. I am continuing research what is best in safety and ease of use) that we will use for meeting or videos. Please be certain that you are checking Remind. I will send out a Remind to alert staff of emails that will be coming your way, this is the easiest way for me to send an alert to everyone at once.
    • More about Tech- London will be serving as our communications person.

A little about her role during this process:

  • London will be your “goto” person for Tech questions that have to do with uploading videos for your class.
    • She will be posting your lesson plan ideas, examples, directions and or samples that are in word doc or written form to the website.
      •  She will be uploading your videos to YouTube.
      • For those of you that may not have the ability to use your phone or device to record, she will be asking for Zoom Session recordings (we will send out more information on that).

A note from London, your Communications person:

Good afternoon ladies! 

      We have a YouTube channel! Yay, so this is only for the CDC and will be a place for us to share activities, read stories and sing songs from chapel or ones that your kiddos know. The first video task I need from you guys is to do a classroom check-in, this will be a video of you saying hello to your kiddos all individually and maybe asking them if they finally got a hang at tying their shoes or if they are working on potty training ask them how it’s going. This lets not only the kids see your face and know that you are saying hello to the class but lets parents know that we care about all the individual children. So if you feel like you are “tech-savvy” enough to film a video of yourself on your phone and email it to me that would be awesome! If you don’t feel like that would be a great option for you please email Tammy and she will get you a zoom meeting with just her and record it from there and send it to me! Thank you so much for your patience with the church council, the CDC board, and Tammy as we all try to figure out the best way for us to reach our families! You ladies are awesome!

 Much Love, London  

  • Family Engagement:  Family contact information was emailed to your work email address Wednesday 4/1. It is the expectation that all families are contacted verbally via phone calls Thursday (4/2) and Friday (4/3) by each classroom teacher if you have questions please let me know.
  • Training: Ms. Cindy has still been exploring free online training resources. If you have ideas or come across online training ideas, please forward them to Ms. Cindy so that she can verify that the hours will indeed be certified/registered in SC with SC Endeavors in order for us to receive proper DSS training hours.
  • Schedule for the Week for Classroom activities: The following is a schedule of daily activities for the week. This is the current format of what we have planned. Please keep in contact with your teammate (Lead, Co and Support staff) in order to keep these tasks organized and clear to students and families.  Please feel free to share ideas and resources with the rest of the team via email.
  • Monday
  • Storytime video
  • Class activity video
  • Tuesday
  • Family phone calls (1/2 of the class for each teacher)
  •  Class activity video
  • Wednesday
  • Chapel Song video
  • Class activity video
  • Thursday
  • Family phone calls (1/2 of the class for each teacher)
  • Class activity video
  • Friday
    • Fun Friday Healthy Snack Idea (could be a recipe card/ word doc) you can even make a video of you making the food for parents to follow along
    • Class activity video
  • Live Class engagement:
    • As I stated earlier, we will be looking at ways to have full class engagement so that the children and families can interact with one another through a “Live Stream” format.
    • Beginning with recorded videos that we can send out and families are able to watch when they have time is a great way to start, but we DO NEED to have LIVE engagement as well 😉
  • Schedule for the Week for Staff:
  • We will plan to have a morning Staff devotion, engagement each morning at 8:30 ( I will be testing this out this weekend, so I will confirm the Monday morning time).
  • We will also plan to have an afternoon Check-in with everyone at 3:30 each day. This will give us time to check in with one another, see how the day’s activities went and ask questions, share stories etc..

I look forward to being able to engage with each of you through this new format.

We are are an AMAZING group of disciples that will continue to do AMAZING things throughout this time!

We have been called to be a part of the BLESSING that is


Let us continue to NURTURE the GROWING HEARTS and MINDS thorough





Loving you, and wishing you well, Tammy