Good evening staff,

I pray that this letter finds you doing well and staying healthy. As we continue to learn new things about our current state of affairs, I wanted to let you know that there have been a few changes to the staff letter that I sent out via Remind Sunday night. As pastor and I discern the best way for us to accomplish everything we need to do as well as keeping everyone safe we decided to split the in-service day into two days with only half the staff coming in on each day.

Please see the list below for the day and area that you have been assigned. It is our expectation that with tasks clearly defined, all staff will be able to utilize their time in the most efficient way. Please plan to work alone in your rooms, as we are following the “Less than 10” recommendation and practicing social distancing. This is our way of doing our part in keeping everyone safe.

Staff workday: 730 to 430 with a one-hour lunch. Many local restaurants are closed for indoor seating, so you may want to plan to bring your own lunch.

Thank you!

Wednesday staff: 3/18/2020

  1. Asia/ Organize upfront and overseeing cleaning/ assisting where needed, pass out training requirements to staff.
  2. London/ Ocean
  3. Shanice/ Mother Goose
  4. April/ ASC
  5. Jory/ Rainforest
  6. Chelsie/ Backyard
  7. Tanyua/ New staff board, all refrigerators (classrooms and lounge), general wipe down (doors and handles, common areas).

Thursday staff: 3/19/2020

  1. Tammy/ Organize office/upfront area/overseeing cleaning/ assisting where needed
  2. Britany/ Forest Friends
  3. Brittany/ outside toys/ equipment /surfaces
  4. Daneequa/ Farm Friends
  5. Angela/ Jungle
  6. Karin/ Lounge
  7. Adriana/ Library/ Lounge assistance/ general wipe down (doors and handles) assist Jeff and Karin with packing back packs upstairs.


  1. Hard Toys and buckets holding the toys
  2. Soft toys and the buckets holding them
  3. All tables
  4. All shelves
  5. All Cubbies
  6. All Mats (play and nap)
  7. And toys
  8. Anywhere that we hold toys/ activities/ books
  9. All books should be sanitized
  10. Floors swept and sanitized
  11. Mats should be picked up and sanitized
  12. We can also use this time to go through and clean out/sanitize and reorganize cabinets

How to clean:

  1. For all hard toys please use the three-bucket (wash/ rinse /sanitize) system you sare using everyday
  2. Clean all items with Hot soapy water
  3.  Rinse off soap from surfaces with plain hot water.
  4. Sanitize with hot water and bleach solution.
  5. Air dry- never wipe dry toys or surfaces.
  6. For larger hard toys-set up 3 bucket system outside on the playground in clean and sanitized sensory tables.
  7. Wipe down tables and chairs with Clorox wipes or use soapy water and spray with bleach water.
  8. Use Clorox wipes lightly on books.
  9. Wash all soft toys on sanitize setting.
  10. Sanitize floors with mop and hot light bleach water solution.
  11. Mats should be hand washed with hot water, dried then sprayed with bleach solution to sanitize.
  12. When organizing cabinets please throw out or donate anything we do not need, if we could still use it please leave it neatly in the lounge and we will find a place for it when organized.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to via Remind or ask Asia to send me an email. I will be working from home as we maneuver through this conflicting time.

Please know that we are doing our best to care for our families, staff and one another as we navigate this. Please stay safe and be well!

Love, Tammy