2018-2019 Living Springs Lutheran Church Child Development Center

Child Development Board meets the 2nd Thursday of every month at 6:15pm in the Fellowship Hall at Living Springs Lutheran Church.

Parents are always welcome to attend board meetings, but must contact the board president in advance to have items added to the board meeting agenda.  If you would like to have an item added to the agenda please contact Preschool Board President Peg Zieche. Messages can be left with our preschool staff 803.736.0776.

Board Members:

Position 2019 Board Members
President Peg Zieche
Vice President Nic Peterson
Treasurer Tiffany Ginn
Secretary Sheila Kowalski
Director Tammy Mancuso
Staff Representative April Britton
Faith Formation Director Lexanne Graves
Congregational Council Liaison Leslie Bloss
Church Representative Shelby Sheldon
Church Representative Jeanette Bloss
Church Representative Peg Fox
Church Representative Cindy Day
Parent Rep Full Day Melissa Garst
Parent Rep Full Day Todd Loftis
Parent Rep ASC David Gwin
Parent Rep Half Day Sheila Kowalski