Living Springs Lutheran Church Child Development Center (LSLC CDC) features small classroom size to help each student reach their full potential. We have an A+ rating with ABC Quality/SC Child Care, Living Springs Preschool (LSLC CDC) is a Christian Preschool accredited by the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Childhood). For detailed information on all Living Springs Licensing and Accreditation.

Let me first answer the two most commonly asked questions for After School Care (ASC) at Living Springs. These questions were answered by ASC staff that tutor and assist in this classroom.

Question # 1.

Do teachers help with my child’s homework?

Answer #1

Yes children work on their homework until it is finished, or 5:00pm. At 5:00pm the children get a break from homework and get to engage in after school activities.

Question #2

Do teachers do the children’s homework?

Answer #2


Teaching children to be age appropriately independent is part of the core of LSLC CDC curriculum from 6 weeks to 5th grade. Teachers will assist in homework, but absolutely will not do the child’s homework. Teachers help tutor as well. If there is a concern, or issue if a child is having difficulty with a subject(s) the teacher will discuss it with the parents.


Open Door Policy

LSLC CDC has an open door policy for each and every classroom. What this means is parents can stop in anytime to visit their children. Parents are welcome to call and be transferred to the classroom to speak with the teacher.

If parents have concerns about their child’s homework, or anything else please talk to your child’s ASC teacher first. Any concerns, questions, or comments are always welcome. Our Director, and Office Manger also have an open door policy. We are happy to set up a sit down appointment.


Arrival from school until 6:00 pm.
Children in kindergarten through 5th grade may be enrolled in the After School Care Program. Targeted Staff-to-Child Ratio is 1:15 Max 30 students.


Teachers help children with homework and plan activities around a monthly theme. Some of the activities include: cooking, science, arts & crafts, music & movement. Full Day is provided when Richland 2 schools are closed.

ASC Schools Served

We offer free pick-up service for students from Sandlapper, Lake Carolina, North Springs, Rice Creek, Center for Inquiry, Center for Achievement, Round Top, and the newly-added Langford Elementary School. Children will be picked up in one of the Living Springs Preschool and ASC mini-buses. If your child will be out sick from school please call LSLC CDC.


More Information Parents May Want to know about LSLC CDC Teachers & Staff

CPR and First Aid Certificationfirst aidcpr certified

We require each staff member to be CPR and First Aid Certified.
South Carolina State Law only requires a few staff members to have this training. We believe that the health and well-being of each child comes first, which is reflected in our more stringent requirements.

Child Care Experience

Each staff member or teacher must have 6 Months or more experience in a licensed facility before they can work at LSLC CDC

Number of Years at Living Springs Child Development Center

We opened our doors 13 years ago, and our staff members’ tenure ranges between a few months to as many as 12 years.


We encourage education at LSLC CDC. If you look at our Bio Wall you will see many of our staff working on Associates Degrees, Bachelors, and even Masters Degrees. We require every member of our staff to have a high school diploma. South Carolina Law requires 15 hours continuing education for teachers and 20 hours for Administration each year. LSLC CDC requires teachers and administrators each to have an additional 5 hours of continuing education (for a total of 20 and 25 hours, respectively).

Additional Requirements

Put simply, we only hire staff and teachers who want to educate children and help encourage positive behavior. Since we also strongly encourage our teachers to pursue their educational dreams, some of our teachers move on to other opportunities in our community. In a few years you may see your child’s lslcps Teacher at your child’s grade school as a teaching assistant or Counselor. In addition, we also conduct background checks on every teacher and staff member before they can be hired at LSLC CDC. This includes finger prints used to check all federal and state records.

Summer Camp for ASC ChildrenSummerCamp2015 website

Summer Camp is named “City” referring to the many trips planned around the City of Columbia. This is the same age group as the Living Springs After School Care Program (ASC) during the school year. This summer there will be many field trips: bowling, River Banks Zoo, fun days playing with water, BBQ Day, & learning through play.